Kirstie the Chef

February 20, 2011

When I first tried tortilla española, or, as it’s sometimes called, tortilla de patatas or just tortilla, while studying in Spain in 2006, it immediately became my favorite food. And I only fell for it harder during my 2009-2010 school year spent there.

I can no longer walk a few blocks to the supermarket Día to buy a pre-made tortilla, and authentic Spanish restaurants are rare in L.A. The boldest and most complicated I ever get when it comes to cooking is throwing some chicken and broccoli into spaghetti, but I’ve been severely missing tortilla, so I decided to push my boundaries by attempting this recipe. I had tried a different recipe a few years ago and it was a total failure (it fell apart and tasted too much like eggs), but this time was a success!

Mixing the ingredients.

Almost done!


Next time, I’ll use more salt and/or onions, but it turned out quite beautiful and pretty delicious. It even got a seal of approval from a friend who’s had the real thing in Spain. Successful day? Most definitely. Now that I’m inspired, I think my next foray into cooking will be chocolate Nutella fudge. Mmm.

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